Dr. Princess Fumi, “When you partner with me through any of my companies, you get the leverage of someone who has walked the path you want to walk. Whether that’s sharing your story, getting the media attention to publicize it, changing careers, building and living your dream, or expanding your reach through documentary production, I’d love to help you.”

Dr. Princess Fumi grew up in the Western region of Nigeria, West Africa as an African Princess, in the Emure Kingdom. As a young princess being groomed to one day take up her responsibility in the royal household, she had other dreams of also becoming a prolific and celebrated writer both in the literary world and the movies. This dream to make a name for herself outside of royalty was the driving force behind her agreeing to her father’s demands to come to America to further her post-graduate studies at the age of 17.

One thing her father did not bank on was that Princess Fumi would later decide to stay behind in America, fend for herself and live a simple life amongst Americans. Now, almost 30 years later; she realizes the importance of her royal blood, and now shuttles between the kingdom and her home in the USA.

Dr. Princess Fumi’s professional career has spanned nursing, women’s and behavioral health care, organizational leadership, communications, writing best-selling novels and award-winning screenplays, film production, ghostwriting autobiographies, transformational life coaching, and mentoring.

Some say she is a Social Changer; others say a Transformation Catalyst seeking to extend the hand and heart of social justice, and many call her a Story Weaver who strives to bridge the gap between Africa and America.