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Instant Global Publicity Hack v1: Get Instant FREE Media Coverage!

How to Create Your Moneymaking Machine in Less Than 48 Hours | taught by Dr. Princess Fumi Hancock, DNP.
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Dr. Princess Fumi Hancock, DNP.
Dr. Princess Fumi Hancock, DNP.
Principal & Senior Instructor

About the instructor

I SPEAK ● I TRAIN ● I WRITE & MAKE MOVIES: Psychiatric Mental Health Doctor of Nurse Practice, International Speaker ● Virtual Mentor ● Huffington Post Writer ● Bestselling Author ● African Oscar Film Award Winner,   Indiefest Film Award Winner & Brand Licensor. 

Are You Newly Published? Are You Getting Ready to be Published? Are You an Entrepreneur? Are You a Speaker? Are You a Coach? This Message is for YOU!

Do You Have a Convincing Message to the World? Will your message stand out above others? Will it stand out enough to catch the media's attention? What will make them pick your message over the others they are daily bombarded with? Where do you go to get attention from a lot of the big leagues, without paying an incredible amount of money? The other great news is this, if you have a book, trying to write a book about something, own a business and need visibility, then you have a message! So bravo, you have pushed yourself to the top 5%ers’ of those who are not only hearers but also doers! You are doers because you will pay close attention to all of the information that will be shared here and also implement them.

A while back, Dr. Toney came on my daily broadcast, (Periscope:@PrincessinSub). He reported that he had written a book well over one year ago but not much traction. He along with others lamented about needing help in areas of marketing, publicity,
and bringing his message to the world without breaking the bank! They needed a sure-fire way of ensuring their own success!
As a writer who MAKES A LIVING IN WRITING, I shared one of my secret golden nuggets. He took the advice and the responses have not stopped since then!

He has been featured on Huffington Post, Fast Company, EverydayPowerBlog.com (requested his article), Bustle.com, MindGlobe.com. Dr. Toney reports he continues to use the same hack over and over again with limitless opportunities.

While many on social media may be teaching you how to publish your book, we at the storyteller bistro pride ourselves in helping you to make a living!

Testimonial # 2 - A Registered Nurse featured in some well-renowned Nursing magazines.

Without coverage, it is almost impossible to get your message out to your core audience! As an entrepreneur, you need your audience to know you opened shop! Hiring a publicist can be very expensive with no guarantee of success. Instant Global Publicity Hack v1 is a Do It Yourself (DIY) sure-fire way of getting attention from many media outlets, even if you do not have a book!

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