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(Whether you are traveling to Dubai, Singapore, or India with us, or you simply want to understand your prospect as an International Public Speaker, YOU NEED THIS INFORMATION!)


Hello, my name is Dr. Fumi Stephanie Hancock, Life Strategist, Your Vision Midwife, Huffington Post Writer, 9 times Bestselling Author, and an International Speaker.

Let me ask you a quick question..

Have you ever wished someone would pull back the curtain and give you all the insider information you need about how to exchange your authority for great money? That is, Give you the REAL, inside scoop. That’s exactly where Joyce was not too long ago.

You see, Joyce my client really needed to get more speaking opportunities but had no idea how go about doing it.

The problem she believed she had to overcome was finding the right marketing strategy to attract event planners. This hurdle or mindset made it impossible to get enough speaking engagements to build her credibility in the speakers' industry. In addition, it seemed virtually impossible to stand out from the crowd of public speakers, particularly when she was new to the industry.

To make things even worse...

Joyce got all caught up in the idea that getting new engagements was really hard, and almost near impossible.

Luckily, Joyce found the "insider information" she needed just in time to help her sparkle in her brilliance(TM) and share her authority, for great profit.

Where did she find these closely guarded secrets?

GET PAID SPEAKING~ "How to Become an Irresistible International Speaker, Event Organizers Can't Pass By” by Dr. Fumi Hancock. Among other things, Joyce found out that my program showed her how to deliver an engaging presentation but more importantly the secret tools to turn it into a profitable platform.

In fact, GET PAID SPEAKING~"How to Become an Irresistible International Speaker, Event Organizers Can't Pass By" by Dr. Fumi Hancock helped Joyce with a lot more than just that.

It showed Joyce all the insider tips she needed so she could:

  • Identify the Types of Speakers that exist, to gain clarity on the type of speaker she is.
  • Get Positioned as an International Speaker
  • Learn how to Speak & Pitch in Dubai, Singapore, & India (with US), or other parts of the world
  • Learn how to build her speaking platform from scratch
  • Exchange her authority & leverage her skills for profit, gain more clients, and more speaking engagements.
  • Find qualified event planners who are looking for speakers, globally.
  • Negotiate a win/win contract with the event planner - ask for the money!
  • Stop working so hard to find new opportunities
  • Know what you must do to start earning $3,000 - $5,000 as your starting point
  • Understand What she must do to get solid booked as a speaker, in 3 major markets

Learn #1 biggest reason YOU SHOULD ACT ON THIS NOW! The rules of the speaking industry is ever changing and the internet makes it possible to find an opportunity without an agent. But you must learn how to successfully land that gig! In addition, you need a way to quickly set yourself apart from competition and planning with the right execution is the best way.

The process, tools, and information provided in this program make it simple and easy to first position yourself, then get paid what you want and certainly what you are worth!

So if you want to get the "inside scoop" like Joyce got, understand this:

YOU MUST Claim your unfair advantage in the public speakers, authors, & coaches game by signing up for GET PAID SPEAKING" How to Become an Irresistible International Speaker, Event Organizers Can't Pass By” . Let me help you exchange your authority for substantial money, just like Joyce!
Your moment is right here, with a published book or without, with experience on stage or not... This is the moment you have been waiting for... a moment when your greatness shines bright.


This is a 4+ HOUR E-COURSE presented by 9x Bestselling Author & African Oscar winner- Dr. Fumi Hancock – Value: $3,000

Gain access to other resources (over 5 hours) – Value: $2,500

Principal & Senior Instructor

Dr. Princess Fumi Hancock, DNP.

I SPEAK ● I TRAIN ● I WRITE & MAKE MOVIES: International Speaker ● Virtual Mentor ● Huffington Post Writer ● Bestselling Author ● African Oscar Film Award Winner & Indiefest Film Award Winner.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Get Paid Speaking as an International Public Speaker

    • Your Video Experience: Intentionally Raw

    • Get Paid Speaking Internationally: Video

    • Get Paid Speaking Int'l: Audio

    • The Powerpoint Slide

    • 2 Mins that Changed My Life Forever: Hollywood_African Oscar Win!

    • Be Inspired: Trailer of Of Sentimental Value

    • My Testimony: A Little Encouragement Goes a Long Way!

    • Special Guest.Ms Yolanda Dupree: 1st 1hr.30 min Video


5 star rating

keyra Holmes

The course was very informative. It allowed me to understand the different type of speakers and their roles.

The course was very informative. It allowed me to understand the different type of speakers and their roles.

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