Course Description

If you are anything like me, you are tired of dancing around the same mountain and running into the same valleys, coming out bruised, only to find out you’ve been there before. You are ready to get unstuck from setbacks, failure to launch, and whatever it is that may be tying you down and robbing you of living the amazing life you were destined to live.

You are in the right place… the right time & season… the right atmosphere to make the change.

YOU WERE DESTINED TO SUCCEED! You were created for such a time as this.

Here, I will provide you with practical, innovative, and yes, “priceless” tools I used to get myself out of my “funk and defunct” way of living. You will learn:

(1). Your True Calling
(2). Identifying Your Legacy Assets
(3). Who Do You Think You Are?
(4). Finding Your Why and Way Forward
(5). Discerning the Root Cause of Set backs
(6). Your Past, Present, Future Impact
(7). Re-engineer Your Life Now
(8). Circle of Influence
(9). Life’s Magic Bullet
(10). Your Dream Wish List
(11). Shifting Your Stormy Weather

Principal & Senior Instructor

Dr. Princess Fumi Hancock, DNP.

I SPEAK ● I TRAIN ● I WRITE & MAKE MOVIES: International Speaker ● Virtual Mentor ● Huffington Post Writer ● Bestselling Author ● African Oscar Film Award Winner & Indiefest Film Award Winner.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    A Warm Welcome

    • Friendly Reminder

    • Your True Calling

  • 2

    DAY 1

    • Identifying Your Legacy Asset and It’s Impact in Your Life

  • 3

    DAY 2

    • Who Do You Think You Are?!!!!

  • 4

    DAY 3

    • Finding Your Why

  • 5

    DAY 4

    • Discerning the Root Cause of Set Backs!

  • 6

    DAY 5

    • Your Past, Present, Future - IMPACT!!!!

  • 7


    • Re-engineer Your Life!

  • 8

    DAY 6

    • Circle of Influence

  • 9

    DAY 7

    • Life's Magic Bullet!

  • 10

    DAY 8

    • My Dream Wish List

  • 11

    DAY 9

    • Shifting Your Stormy Weather