Course Description

In this course you will:

  • Learn and Understand what it takes to be a successful storyteller
  • Gain specific tips and tools to improve your storytelling skills
  • Discover what it takes to unleash your most profitable story ideas
  • Be Prepared for your next level steps~Mastering Your Brilliance
  • Understand the importance of being a Storyteller as an expert: Coach, Speaker, Trainer, Business Consultant, Creative Entrepreneur
  • Making a Living as an expert in your area of briliance(TM)
  • 7-Day Tear the VeilMission~Signature Program at the Storyteller Bistro

Principal & Senior Instructor

Dr. Princess Fumi Hancock, DNP.

I SPEAK ● I TRAIN ● I WRITE & MAKE MOVIES: International Speaker ● Virtual Mentor ● Huffington Post Writer ● Bestselling Author ● African Oscar Film Award Winner & Indiefest Film Award Winner.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Day One: Fearlessly Tear Your Veil

    • Introduction

    • Housecleaning

    • Your Assignment

  • 2

    Day Two: Ready or Not, Here You Come

    • Introduction

    • Food for Thought

    • Your Assignment

  • 3

    Day Three: A Reflection of Greatness

    • Your Pair of Glasses

    • Your Assignment

  • 4

    Day Four: Tell Us How You Really Feel

    • Seriously

    • Your Assignment

  • 5

    Day Five: Straight Up Ditch Fear

    • Embrace Your Inner Rock Star

    • Your Assignment

  • 6

    Day Six: Oh My Golly! I Almost Had It!

    • Lesson Gained

    • Your Assignment

  • 7

    Day Seven: It's a Wrap!

    • Now What?

    • Your Assignment