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"Life My Fire" ER 50 Mins. Life Mastery Strategy (Assessment) Session with Dr. Fumi Hancock

Regardless of what types of business you desire to be in, it is vital that you master your life before proceeding.
Do you need a life mastery session? Are you trying to figure out where to go from where you are to where you ought to be?

If you are ready for the NEW YOU; if you are prepared to push past WOUNDS, PAIN, FRUSTRATION, and YOU ARE READY FOR GOD'S DIVINE PURPOSE FOR YOUR LIFE but not sure how to proceed, start by signing up for your very first strategy assessment session. This first step helps to define what you need as far as counseling is concerned.

Do you desire to:

  • Make a difference in your immediate community and the world at large?
  • Design a well deserved, fulfilled and abundant worthy of your family and yourself?
  • Earn what you truly deserve and are worth?
  • Get to the top of your profession, career/business?
  • Create work that competes with the world of those who are regarded as the best in your field?
  • Build a thriving and very fulfilling creative business?
  • Stand out and be unique in your field?
  • Have the space to create without any hindrance?

    If you are looking to make a difference in your life... one that will impact generations to come, you have arrived at the right place.

    I am known as a Life Strategist and Your Vision Midwife. I help ambitious, determined, creatives and visionaries (professionals/entrepreneurs) maximize their potential to the fullest (by examining their Life: Home, Business/career, &/or Relationships). My clients look at their home life, financial, relationship, spiritual, and career.

    As a bestselling author, filmmaker, speaker, and coach; I know how it feels when you are trying to make ends meet, and there is no end in sight. As a Creative, it is often hard to strike a balance between passion, vision, creativity, and making money.

    For over 19 years, I have helped Creatives develop useful vision maps, passion plans, and purpose paths, and prosperity plans.. so that they can live incredible lives and turn their dream into reality. My signature program,7 Days to Release Your Amazing Life is helping people to get a big picture of how to discover, ignite, launch, sustain, turn their passion into profit.

    It is with so much pleasure that I serve you. To ascertain if we can work together, I invite you to sign up for my 50MIN assessment session, Life My Fire ER Coaching Session 50 Min. Once we have determined what is needed, there are several ways to go about this.
    The following are the areas we focus on: Personal Transformation, Creativity, Building Your Brand, Financial Freedom as a Creative Entrepreneur.

    Please note that I have minimal space and I deliberately do not take everyone for my coaching experience.

    STEP 1: Register for the Life my Fire ER-coaching Strategic Session
    STEP 2: Send a payment confirmation email to
    STEP 3: Complete the following application. It is essential to know if we are the right fit - CLICK HERE


(1). If you are in any of my e-courses: How to Write Your Passion Plan or Quit Your Job in 90 Days or perhaps any of the other courses listed in Storyteller Bistro™.

(2). If you are a writer (newbie, do-over, veteran), coach, speaker, trainer, entrepreneur, small business owner ready to re-engineer the way business is done. You know you are prepared to move to the next level but not quite sure how to proceed.

(3). For those who are looking to exit their current job positions; or perhaps eager to start a new business; this session is also for you. Here, we will discuss which program is best suited for you, if you choose to move into my mentoring program.


Dr. Princess Fumi Hancock
Your LifeRehab™ Ambassador & Your Vision Midwife™

Principal & Senior Instructor

Dr. Princess Fumi Hancock, DNP.

I SPEAK ● I TRAIN ● I WRITE & MAKE MOVIES: International Speaker ● Virtual Mentor ● Huffington Post Writer ● Bestselling Author ● African Oscar Film Award Winner & Indiefest Film Award Winner.

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